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Monday Skills Day

Jenkins Skalmowski D. Bekkala
Pominville Mitter Lamentola
H. sturos Pennala Mukavetz
Wilton O'Connell Del Toro
Moran Switala Hulett
L. Bekkala Giordano Kapelanski
R. Sturos Renko LeMay
C. Satterley Maiberger Redmond
Frantti Havener Sproul
VanMarter Gadwa  



Latest information for the 2022 Father Styles Showcase (this information has been provided by the Father Styles Showcase)

Just some reminders and updates for this weekend.

  1. We will have a trainer at all games.
  2. Please remember that neckguards is a real of point emphasis for the OHSAA and the refs going forward.
  3. There will not be a gate fee all games. All games will have a free admission
  4. Parking will be tight at Brooklyn Rec. Center all weekend. They are building a new city hall and police station next to the rink where the large parking lot was. They have added a newer lot in front of the rink. There is a bus drop off and pick area in front of the rink but the buses will have to park either across the street or behind the rink in the school/church parking lot.
  5. OHSAA has expanded the dress list this season. Teams will be able to dress up to 23 players per game. 
  6. Please bring your own pucks for games at OBM Arena. We will supply pucks for the games at Brooklyn Rec. Center

COVID Protocols as of now at each rink:

OBM Arena: None

Brooklyn Rec. Center: Everyone entering the building needs to wear a mask at all times. Players do not need to wear masks while playing and coaches do not need to wear one while on the bench coaching.

All games will be 3-15 minute periods with and ice cut after each period.  If a game requires OT, that game will go into a 5 minute 3 on 3 OT, with teams switching ends.  If still tied and time permitting, a 3-man shootout will occur to determine a winner.  We will be using Federation Rules and a 3-man system consisting of 2 referees and 1 linesman.  Tournament will be sanctioned by the OHSAA.  Home team will wear White/Light colored jerseys.  Teams please bring your own pucks.

We are also going to forgo end of game handshakes for the showcase for health protocols.  We will be utilizing stick taps/waves after each game.

Streaming Options:

  1. Live Barn
  2. All St. Ignatius games will be streaming on SIBN



Current District COVID Protocols 

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